Original title : Narkê
English title : Narke
Production country : France
Production year : 2007
Type of film : installation / performance
Date first screening : 23th, 24th june 2007
Location first screening : L'Horme, France

Contact :
Ornamental films
11 bis rue de l’égalerie
42100 Saint
tienne / France
e-mail :
tel : 00+33 4 27
81 39 92

Running time (in minutes): 45 or more : 2hours, 4 hours…
Color: Colour & black-and-white
Format: 16mm
Screen ratio: wide screen (1:1:66) x 20
Frames per second: 24 fps
special remarks :
It's an installation / performance projected with twenty 16mm projectors. The film is mute, and the sound is released either from a cd or a computer.


Young girls in flowers, vapours,
...their depravity puts some spice into the most innocent occupations, such as strolling by night in gardens.
Ornamental Films switches on its twenty 16mm projectors and the soundtracks disappear in the heights of an industrial hall built in 1868. Taking time to walk around ; coming back here ; a change in the space over there. In constant evolution.