A fact : there's nothing left.
Billions hours of moving images : only pieces. Some blur on VHS, digital compressions with pixels as big as a thumb (mutations, anthills) ; strips of roll where, here and there, we can find a few private stocks classified according to very specific obsessions.

No hierarchy, just bare fragments with more or less fanciful captions. Some true, some false. Out of context.
Why is this woman walking backwards? Helicopters smelling of napalm, women having bath in the open air, an important man untouched on the kodachrome etc...

There is no before, no after, we are a long way into the future and we are just watching 88 independent time fragments.


«The Devil is hidden into details.»  Swiss saying

Original title : 88 documents
English title : 88 documents
Production country : France
Production year : 2007
Type of film : installation, 8 screens
Date first screening : 5th december 2007
Location first screening : Saint Etienne (La Comédie), France
lien :

Contact :
Ornamental films
11 bis rue de l’égalerie
42100 Saint-Étienne / France
e-mail :
tel : 00+33 4 27 81 39 92

Running time (in minutes): 58
Color: Colour & black-and-white
No dialogue
Subtitling languages : French and English
Format: 16mm
Screen ratio: wide screen (1:1:66) x 8
Frames per second : 24 fps
special remarks :
It's a 8 screens installation projected with 8 16mm projectors. The film is mute, and the sound is released either from a cd or a computer.

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